LED Inc.

About Us

Our business is located in Carson City, Nevada with operations in Asia. It is equipped to support multiple markets, manage cost and handle manufacturing throughout the world.

LED, Inc. is a fast growing company that designs, manufactures, and markets LED products for use as replacement or alternative to older and less energy-efficient lighting technologies.

At LED, Inc., we are constantly thinking of how to help customers become more productive and profitable through advanced LED technology, which lowers the cost of lighting. With years of experience in LED applications, our customer service team has developed in-depth knowledge and strong design capability for your lighting solutions.

With our LED lighting systems, you can make your signage, interior design and architectural application brilliant.

LED, Inc. offers THE BRIGHT IDEA for you in the world of illumination!

Address: 1601 Fairview Drive Suite 22, Carson City, NV 89701, USA
Phone: +1(775)885-1510
Fax: +1(775)885-8028
Email: info@ledinc.biz