LED Inc.


Applications & Features:

Optimum LED Module

  • Face-lit/Halo-lit channel letters
  • Light box
  • Outdoor use

Ideal LED Module

  • Weather resistant design
  • Wide Viewing Angle - 160°
  • Dimmable

Mini LED Module

  • Small letters with shallow returns and narrow widths
  • Outdoor use

Petite LED Module

  • Perfect for shallow-depth, narrow width and halo-effect applications.
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Dimmable

RGB LED Module

  • Color effect performance
  • Multi-color signs
  • Outdoor use

LED Ribbon

  • Interior design and decoration
  • Cove/Cabinet/Counter top lighting
  • Indoor and Outdoor use

High Power LED Module (Edge-Lit)

  • Perfect for single or double sided box signs
  • Covers any angle or curved shape with uniform edge lighting
  • Ideal for mid or compact size of sign boxes


  • Perfect fit for single or double faced cabinets
  • Edge mounted design offers minimum installation time
  • Ideal for accent lighting decoration and architectural application

LED Border Lite

  • Full Spectrum Color performance
  • 3 Easy -to cut lengths
  • Compact Profile
  • UV Stabilized material

Led Neon Flex

  • Alternative to neon-energy efficient, flexible, durable, non-breakable and cool to touch
  • Special oval shape Jacket generates a bright neon-like glow
  • Can be cut to desired lengths with cutting marks for accuracy